It's been a tough past 18 months for the restaurant industry and even though many are hoping the worst of the pandemic is well behind us, businesses are still struggling with staff and cost hardships.

One of the things that have hurt is the price of chicken wings. You've probably seen much higher prices at Buffalo restaurants recently, including popular establishments that many Buffalonians go for their fix of wings.

WKBW is reporting that the price of wings has increased dramatically. In fact, Duff’s Famous Wings Sheridan Drive Manager Jeff Feather says they are paying $4 per pound, which has unfortunately forced them and many other places to raise the price of wings.

20 wings at Duff's cost roughly six dollars more than it did in 2020, and there are reasons for restaurants all over Western New York raising chicken wing prices.

There's currently a decrease in production, along with farms and transportation companies being short-staffed. That has also caused more demand, which in turn has forced restaurants all over Buffalo to raise prices.

Duff's said they held out as long as possible for their customers before having to raise prices.

La Nova wings are up about $2 for an order of 10, and there are dozens more in the area that have similar stories.

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I've seen chicken wing prices increase everywhere. I feel awful for these restaurants because they've already had a tough time with dining room closures and are short-staffed, so this is just another thing they're having to consider.

If you ever get the chance, try to eat locally. It's great supporting these local businesses, especially right now.

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