Chick-fil-A definitely knows how to create long lasting memories, but I’m not sure company executives thought this idea out properly. Stephen Bellissimo, 100, has been going to his local Chick-fil-A restaurant for over 15 years and they decided to do something special for him during his most recent visit.

According to People, they threw him a birthday bash for his 100th birthday and gifted him with free Chick-fil-A for LIFE being a loyal customer.

“Oh, I think this is just one great surprise for me. I didn’t expect anything like this,” he told Fox 13. “That is the best gift I could ever receive! Thank you very much!”

“He makes everyone here feel loved and welcomed,” Chick-fil-A marketing director Brittani Craft.

Stephen usually visits the restaurant once a week but claims that’s all about to change with this new gift.

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“Instead of coming once a week, now I’m coming everyday.”

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