If you're tired of the same ol' Christmas Scent of Pine consuming your house from that Real Tree you've so proudly decorated, or the aroma of fresh wood burning in the Fireplace, you can now enjoy the tantalizing, delicious, mouthwatering smell of Kentucky Fried Chicken.


Unfortunately, the logs SOLD OUT with hours of being announced on Thursday.  According to a USA Today News Article regarding KFC's 11 Herbs & Spices Firelog, novelty items like the KFC Logs tend to sell out quickly:

Both outlandish and limited-edition products tend to sell out fast. In early November when Pringles released a special Thanksgiving Dinner with three holiday-inspired flavors, the limited-edition chips sold out in 41 minutes. Also in November, there was a mad dash on Aldi's first-ever limited-edition U.S. wine Advent calendars, which sold out within minutes at most stores. Soon after, some were up for auction on eBay at up to four times the regular retail price. 

We'll keep you updated as to when and if more of the KFC 11 Herbs & Spices Logs become available again.

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