Buffalo Mayor, Byron Brown, announced changes to how the Buffalo Police Department will respond to mental health calls.

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Credit: WGRZ

On Monday, September 14, Mayor Byron Brown announced changes to how the Buffalo Police Department will handle calls that involve mental health, according to WGRZ. A new behavioral team will be working with the Department starting in October. Mayor Brown said the team was actually formed almost a year ago, in December of 2019, but has been delayed due to the Buffalo Police Benevolent Association.

Buffalo Police Department's Behavioral Health Team is a partnership between the Department and Endeavor Health. The team will be comprised of members from both organizations, including officers and clinicians. Until the team goes into effect, Mayor Brown said that lieutenants will be going out on all mental health-related calls with officers. A 60-year-old man was shot by a police officer who was responding to a mental health call in Buffalo on Saturday, September 12.

Mental Health Resources:

Horizon Health Services - horizon-health.org or call 831-1800
Family Support - 892-2172 (for parents)
National Suicide Prevention Line - 800-273-TALK or text 741741 (text the word "home")
Community Health Center of Buffalo - 716-986-9199 or online at https://chcb.net.

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