The Buffalo Police officer who shot a man, while responding to a mental health call, also shot a teen, who was left paralyzed.

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According to an investigative report by WIVB, Officer Karl Schultz is among the department's top 10 percent of officers who have excessive force complaints against them. WIVB states that Schultz has extensive citizen and excessive force complaints going back five years. He is the police officer who shot a 60-year-old man this weekend in Buffalo. Schultz had had 17 complaints filed against him, but was "cleared" by the Department.

Schultz is responsible for leaving a teenager paralyzed after shooting the teen in 2012. In 2016, he was accused of pointing his gun at someone. He is also accused of an unlawful arrest of James Kistner, who filed a federal lawsuit against the officers and Department. He and other officers allegedly made up a story that Kistner "threw himself onto a police cruiser," according to WIVB. Kistner says that officers made up the story. Rather, they hit him with a police vehicle and cancelled the 911 call, according to WIVB. The lawsuit was filed over the alleged cover up of the incident.

Kistner’s attorney, Anthony Rupp, describes what he says is misconduct by Schultz and the other officers involved,

“What’s disturbing to me about what happened here is how many police officers instantly doubled down on the lies that were told about my client to protect what was really just a few hundred dollars maybe of damage to the police SUV. One look at the video and you know that Mr. Kistner did not attack the vehicle.”

Credit: WIVB

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