Actress Countess Vaughn has a message for all those you wear glued-on lace front wigs. They are not as fabulous in the long run as you may think! Hear her story here.

You remember Countess Vaugh, she played "Kim" Brandy's best friend on Moesha and went onto star in the spin-off series "The Parkers". She recently went on the Doctors TV show to talk about her tragic love affair with lace front wigs and warn others about the dangers of putting glue on your skin!!

Youtbe/ The Doctors
Youtbe/ The Doctors

If you need to wear a wig, stay away from the poisonous glues. Try spirit gum, water based glues, combs or bands to keep the hair in place.

But if at all possible, wear your natural God-given hair.

This reporter pulled off her wig on TV to show her support for the Natural movement. you go Girl!!

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