On June 16th 1971 rapper, actor, poet and visionary Tupac Amura Shakur was born. 43 years later, we celebrate his birth all day on WBLK!

Tupac is the most beloved rapper of all time! That's why every hour on my show, I will play one of our favorite Tupac songs!! Call in and show some love for the Birthday Boy who would have been 43 today.

Check out the love Pac is getting at this concert in Boston!!

His death hit us hard, because we all know his career and his influence on the world was just taking flight!

When I lived in LA I formed a friendship with Tupac's half brother Mopreme Shakur who had this to say about rappers trying to imitate Pac's style.

"June 1-6 7-1 the day momma pushed me out her wound, told me n---- get paid!"

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