This would have been a great idea, First tupac at coachella music festival in 2012 now Cedric The entertainer had Plans To Create A Bernie Mac Hologram For A Complete ‘Original Kings of Comedy’ Reunion wowwww!

Cedric The Entertainer recently revealed to The HuffPost that he once had plans to make a Bernie Mac hologram for an Original Kings of Comedy reunion!

“We tried. We were very close. We had a couple of scripted ideas, and then we had the idea of just getting back together to do a mini-tour,” Cedric tells HuffPost. “It was right around the time Bernie Mac was ill. A lot of people didn’t know how ill he was. We thought we could squeeze it in, but unfortunately, the timing on that didn’t work out.”

In addition to it being expensive, Steve’s schedule just became so full to the point he couldn’t take on another project said Cedric

Wow who would have wanted this show to happen?

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