According to all of the current economic indicators, Buffalo is shaping up to have one of the hottest housing markets in the entire United States. Western New York has broken several housing market records in the last few years.

One of the most significant things we've seen in Buffalo over the last couple of years is increases in housing prices. While those increases are good news for investors and home sellers, they're not great news for those looking to buy, especially people on the lower end of the financial scale.

Many neighborhoods in Buffalo that used to be relatively affordable are becoming more unaffordable every single day. Now, thanks to a new first time homebuyer program that a local bank has introduced into the region, it maybe a little easier to buy a house in Buffalo.

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Community Bank Premiers Special Purpose Credit Program In Buffalo

Since buying a house in Buffalo has become so much more difficult, DeWitt, NY-based Community Bank, which has several offices in Western New York, is now offering its Special Purpose Credit Program In Buffalo, New York, for people looking to buy a house.

This new program, which just started this week in Buffalo, offers special benefits to people who currently live in certain zip codes in Buffalo. Some of those benefits include up to 100% financing, no closing costs, no down payment, and no private mortgage insurance.

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This program should go a long way toward helping people looking to buy a house. With rising interest rates and home prices, being able to save money on closing costs and down payments will truly help some folks achieve the dream of homeownership.

You can find more information about this program on the Community Bank website.

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