Well, supposedly Katt Wiliams and Comedian "Faizon" Love have some type of "beef"..."beef" to the extent that Katt Williams pulled a gun on Faizon in the parking lot of the Supperclub in Hollywood, according to TMZ.com.  The funny side of this is...the gun was empty (according to TMZ.com)!

According to TMZ.com, Faizon feared for his life and shared the experience with tmz.com....and because Faizon spoke with tmz.com, the situation has escalated and fueled more beef between the two with Katt calling Faizon a "SNITCH" and a "Bald Face Rat"!

According to most news reports, the confrontation and conflict is over MONEY!  Some say Katt Williams owes Faizon Love upwards of about $50,000!

Video footage of both Katt & Faizon can be heard below.