Its one thing to be a Great artist but its a whole other level when you have God's Greatness in your art. Carrington has not only presented the world with great music but more importantly his life mirrors that greatness. From singing in the backgrounds to becoming the great artist and man that he is today Carrington never gave up and followed what many would say is his dream but what truly is Gods anointing. Growing up attending "Bethesda World Harvest International Church" ( S/O Pastor Mike & Joyce Badger ... yeah I had to throw that in there lol) I have watched Carrington grow into such a great caring person and im definitely proud of what he is doing. I never told him this but he has truly been an inspiration for me , just watching how even with everything going on in life he stuck with what was right and righteous and followed what God had for him.

he is now in the process of dropping one of the greatest projects ever to come out of Buffalo NY called #TheProcess which has a crazy buzz as everyone waits to get there hands on a copy. on 11/23/15 the listeners will finally be able to really take a journey with Carrington trough his music and I know this is only the beginning for him. Make sure you check out his music , follow him and continue to support such a great person and artist.

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