What started as a small festival given to celebrate the Canadian Centennial way back in 1967, The Toronto Caribbean Carnival (aka Caribana) has grown to North America's largest celebration of Caribbean culture. More than 1 million people will descend to Lakeshore Boulevard in Downtown Toronto today to watch 10,000 people play mas. The Grand Parade starts at 9a from Exhibition Place, heads down Lakeshore Blvd, and goes on for more than 3 miles.

If you're coming up to Toronto for any part of the weekend, I highly suggest you check out the the Caribana Toronto Website to orient yourself to the weekend and to find a pretty comprehensive list of everything that's going on.

I'm going to be Running Thru The 6 With My Woes all weekend, so if you're in town hit me up on social media @DJEdNice, let's link up and have some fun!

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