So this is how its going down...This is a true story!!

This sound like a Dream Job to me fam!!!

Cancun is hiring a CEO. No, not the Chief Executive Officer. It actually stands for Cancun Experience Officer. Check out the details below!

We are seeking an outgoing, authentic, and dynamic individual (or team) to represent the amazing destination of Cancun as our CEO - Cancun Experience Officer. As the CEO, you'll be sent to live in one of the most beautiful destinations on the planet for six months to tell stories through videos, photographs, and words. You'll get paid to dive into the culture, charm, and wonder of Cancun and share your experiences with a worldwide audience. Don't wait to apply! Show us your stuff and make a case for why you (or your team) should be the next CEO.

The job includes a salary of $10,000 per month as well as a chance to stay at luxurious hotels and resorts.

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