Vice President Harris was in Western New York this week and had much to say about green energy. Many are trying to get the United States to lower it's carbon footprint as electric vehicles become more popular and New York State starts to limit or eliminate fossil fuel dependency.

But perhaps there are other ways to help the environment that will also be on the horizon? For example, there are states around the country that charge a $.10 deposit for bottles and cans that is paid back when you bring them to a recycling facility.

Currently, New York State charges a $.05 deposit on cans, bottle and some plastic water bottles as well.

Any sealed bottle, can, or jar less than one gallon composed of glass, metal, aluminum, steel, or plastic

Vermont and Maine currently hold the highest deposit amount at $.15 for wine and liquor.

Any sealed container of four liters or less composed of glass, metal or plastic

As a person who is outdoors all the time, I am all for ways to limit the amount of trash and litter that is left behind by people. I hate to say it, but one of the most frustrating things I find are balloons that end up stuck in trees and on the ground in the woods. It can't be long before balloon launches are limited in New York State. Going green to me should really be a return to green. Reducing the amount of trash around your own property can have a huge impact. I realize that the coffee cups and cigarette butts left on the ground are not yours. But if we want a cleaner, greener planet, we need to do things that lazy people don't.

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