Cell phones can easily be a distraction in a classroom. There's been plenty of debate on what exactly should be the policy in regards to cell phone usage in classrooms but one high school in California is taking drastic measures.

According to WIVB, San Mateo High School is now a cell phone free learning environment.

According to the school, students will keep their cell phones in pouches during the day and can access them after class. Students who don't have a cell phone must sign a letter on file, that states they will not bring one to school.

School officials say it's, “to improve the climate and culture in our classrooms and on campus by eliminating cell phones during the day.”

What about smartwatches that link to cell phones? Sometimes those are a loophole students take...those will also have to be locked away.

Locking stations for cell phones will be in every classroom and on campus; if a student has an emergency that requires the use of their cell phone, they can unlock their pouch in the administrator's office.

Do you think Western New York schools should implement a policy like this?


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