New York State Governor Kathy Hochul has banned most bulletproof vests that civilians use in New York State. There are only few exceptions according to the New York State website:

Effective July 6, 2022, when not being engaged or employed in an eligible profession, the purchase, taking possession of, sale, exchange, giving or disposing of body armor is prohibited.  People engaged or employed in eligible professions include:


  1. Police officers;
  2. Peace officers;
  3. Persons in military service in NYS or military or other service for the United States; and
  4. Such other professions designated by the Department of State in accordance with section 144-a of the Executive Law.

The law initially stated that “bullet-resistant soft body armor" were ones that were being banned after the horrific shooting in May of 2022 in Buffalo, New York at a grocery store. Although, vests using steel plates—as well as polyethylene and ceramic plates, were not initially stated in the ban.

You can find out more information about the sale and use of bulletproof vests right here.

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