If you are a local unsigned artist, Hip Hop, R&B, Neo Soul etc get your music in now !!! We are going to start spinning music from the 716 and surrounding areas every weeknight on THE ONLY NIGHT SHOW THAT MATTERS. The tracks have to be radio friendly (NO CURSING). Submit your music HERE. This is how it will work once your music is picked DJ SUPREME will play it at 8' O Clock after your song is played your fans will have two hours to vote online at www.wblk.com the voting will go on until 10 pm.

Which ever artist has the most votes at the end of the week will be announced on FRIDAY before the SUPREME HEAT and picked to come back the following week. This is very BIG take it seriously it took a lot of work/begging to get this done. Get ready for B.V.O. and shout out to Niagara Falls and Southern Ontario too. Get your music heard.