As restaurants and bars re-open there's a new NYS stipulation (Law) regarding Live Music.  The new law has caused at least one establishment to cancel it's Live Music performances completely. for the time being, according to a WGRZ News report.  100 Acres in Buffalo, located outside of Hotel Henry, which is notorious for Live Jazz, in association with JazzBuffalo, is that establishment.

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However, some Owners with establishments, that feature and thrive off of their regular Live Music appeal, are fighting back and suing the NYS Liquor Authority over the Live Music regulations.  One of those establishments is Sportsmen's Tavern in Buffalo Black Rock neighborhood.

Sportsmen's owner Dwane Hall said this, according to WGRZ News

"We're a music club that does live music and people wouldn't come here if we didn't have live music and these new rules kind of say that we can't sell tickets and use music as a draw to come to our place of business,"

The NYS Law regarding live music, in a nutshell, prohibits establishments from using music, be it live or with a DJ, as the main reason people are coming to the establishment.  Music must be 'incidental'...meaning there just happened to be music at the establishment which was not advertised or requiring advance tickets sales or even tickets at the door or a cover charge.


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