“How do these grown women allow lil boys to run silly games on them ?"

Tonight's scenario comes from a young lady from Niagara Falls who is concerned about her cousin dealing with a married man. Here is what she wrote.

Dear Supreme/WBLK
I hear you talking about subject on saturday night that have to do with real people going through real things so I have one that I would like you and your listeners to comment on. My cousin has been dealing with this married man for the last 2 years. She told me that he has said that he never loved anyone like he loves her, and that one day they will be together. He keeps telling her he’s leaving his leaving his wife.. When she complains, he just buys her gifts like a purse or something to keep her quiet. (I call it hush money).

I have told her too many times that she needs to leave him alone, he is not leaving his wife. I don’t know what else to tell her. I know she listens to your show and she hasn’t listened to me so maybe your listeners can tell her. Is there any possibility in your opinion that this man is not running game and may be serious about commiting to my cousin. I don't think so but like a big dummy she keeps putting up with the BS maybe you should add her to your big dummy of the night. Help my cousin out.


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