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The hit single "Chips" by rapper Jrey Cash made him one of the most sought after artists coming out of Buffalo, New York. Performing the "Chips" at schools and festivals made him a fan favorite especially amongst the youth and he hasn't stopped yet. With true hustle and grit, Jrey Cash recently landed a deal with a large independent label and plans to turn things up a notch! I sat down with the rising rap star to talk his latest music, the new deal and more!

REDDROXX: How has where you're from with also being raised in Buffalo influenced your music?

JREY CASH: It made my music literally! The things I’ve been through literally adds more spice to my story as an artist.

RR: That’s dope! So when did you start rapping

JC: I started rapping at the age 12. I always played ball so I never took it serious.

RR: I talk to a lot of artists that was in sports then mad the transition to taking music seriously. At what point did you realize music is what you really wanted to do?

JC: I realized in 2012 when I joined DJ T-Jizzle’s group that I wanted to pursue being an artist.

RR: That’s what’s up! DJ T-Jizzle is the homie. So with so many up and coming artists these days, what do you feel like makes you different from other artists?

JC: I’m different because of my work ethic and my will to spend my LAST on investing in my music! I went broke plenty times trying to get the ball rolling. I’ve been told I also have my own sound.

RR: That’s hustle right there and I definitely respect it! Salute to you for banking on yourself. With that being said, how’s your support system?

JC: My support system has always been good to me! Now that I’m with an independent label it’s turned up another notch! Great feeling.

RR: I could imagine. Congratulations on the signing! We’ll get into that a bit more in a moment, but first, who’s your biggest musical influences?

JC: My biggest influences are Meek Mill, Lil Baby, Nipssey, Hussle and Lil Durk.

RR: Ok some of my faves on that list. So let’s get back to you music, you have a record that went viral called "Chips" how did it come about?

JC: I literally was in the house writing my usual 3-4 songs a day. I ended up writing that on my addiction to Percocets so that’s why the first line was about a perky.

RR: So essentially you was just pushing out music without a real direction so I’m sure you were you shocked that it took off the way it did.

JC: I definitely was shocked, but at the same time I always knew I would get one song to start my take over! I told my best friend this years ago. When I made my first small little hit called “Questions”.

RR: Amazing. I love “Chips” and I’m happy to see that it has taken you places. With the success that “Chips” has seen, do you feel pressure to make another record that succeeds it? 

JC: I wouldn’t say I feel the pressure but I do feel I need another one. It’s something I can’t control so I don’t know when it will come only my fans will know. I just continue to create and feed them. I know for a fact I’ll have another one and another one!

RR: Smart man. So let’s get back to the business…you’re newly signed to a large independent label Joint Venture Music, congrats! Talk about how that came about?

JC: It came about because Happy, who’s the CEO was watching me work for 2 years and said he was impressed with my work. I feel it came because of my hard work and me showing I’ll invest in myself so that gave him the extra will to invest in me. He seen I was a work horse and willing to invest in myself so he probably felt comfortable investing.

RR: Ok smart man! Seeing how you investing in yourself was most likely the reason they invested in you, what was the biggest reason you decided to sign with Joint Venture Music?

JC: The biggest reason I signed is because I feel I can trust him with helping me elevate my career. If I didn’t feel I could trust him then the money wouldn’t matter. I know he has both of our best interest and we both just want to WIN! The second reason was because of the help I feel I could use. As an upcoming artist it’s A LOT to handle by yourself especially where we come from (Buffalo NY).

RR: Ok, I can understand that. What are you working on now?

JC: currently I’m working on the JVM album. I’m definitely ready to give the world some new heat. Although I just dropped on 4/20 I’m ready to put more out.

RR: That’s what’s up! How can we support your music?

JC: You can support my music by listening and watching everything I drop on all streaming sites. To find me just search “JREY CASH” on any and everything!

RR: Dope. Thank you for taking the time out! Love watching your growth and wish you much success! 

JC: Much Love Redd Roxx and WBLK thanks for the interview!


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