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It's no secret, Buffalo is home to some of the best food in the world. While there's several dining options from our most popular bar foods such as chicken wings to some of the best fine dining options, a new upscale restaurant is planning it's grand opening this Friday April 2nd and is planning to change the game when it comes to the options you have for date nights, celebrations, business meetings or just a night on the town with your friends and family oh and let's not forget, it's BLACK OWNED!

Used with permission from Tara Dixon

Luxor Steak & Lobster, per it's Facebook page "is an upscale restaurant with an engaging menu cater(ing) to vegans/vegetarians." Not only is this establishment black-owned but it's a STEAKHOUSE catering to vegetarians? Definitely something I haven't seen done before, at least in Buffalo. I caught up with the owners of Luxor Steak & Lobster, Buffalo native Taru "Ru" and Tara to get the scoop on this new fine dining experience, what we can expect menu and atmosphere wise as well as how we can make reservations to indulge.

According to the couple, three years ago Ru linked with their head chef, Robert Thomas who's also from Buffalo. He would bring his amazing food to Ru's sports program to cater to the youth and shortly thereafter the seed was planted to possibly open a restaurant one day. It was Chef Rob's dream to open a restaurant and his passion for what he did that inspired Ru to move forward with plans to make the dream a reality. Finally the time has come and they decided to put things in motion. After scouting several locations and getting past countless amounts of red tape, Luxor Steak & Lobster was born.

Used with permission from Luxor Steak & Lobster

I wouldn't quite consider myself a foodie but a lover of great food nonetheless. Steak and lobster is high-ranking on my list of favorite indulgences but I was curious as to how vegetarian and vegan options would play a role in a restaurant centered around meat and seafood. With Tara being a vegetarian and the fact that Ru doesn't eat beef it was a no brainer for them to ensure the menu was all encompassing. With that being said, their vision for Luxor is to be a trend-setter and help revolutionize the traditional steakhouse as we know it.  Although steak and lobster is the draw, they feel that their menu which caters to different dietary preferences would be a major attraction as well. Not only will there be delectable vegetarian and vegan options for appetizers and main courses, Luxor plans to also offer vegan/vegetarian desert options to round out their alternative menu. In addition to Chef Rob, there's also Chefs Kevin Hunt, Tanisha Johnson and Old School Sammy who will be doing their thing to ensure every dish is served to perfection.

Used with permission of Luxor Steak & Lobster

When asked about how the process went with getting things off the ground, Tara simply replied  "Rough". Their main issue was rooted in the location chosen. Due to stigmas and previous businesses, they found themselves facing more red tape than normal in addition to being a minority. After battling against stereo-types and push back, they were ultimately able to secure their licenses and permits to move forward with the process.

Ru and Tara's expectation when comes to the atmosphere of Luxor Steak & Lobster located at 3199 Main St. is upscale with a smart casual dress-code in place. Their vision is for Luxor Steak & Lobster to bring supper club vibes to the area with great food and entertainment. The restaurant plans to have comedy shows, happy hours, brunches, karaoke, live music and more catering to a mature clientele. There will be signature dishes such as the "Luxor", I won't give too many details but it will definitely be a hit and a twist on a burger that you'll have to try! The goal is for Luxor to be a tightly run and professional establishment and with the help of front-house manager Anika Burgh, it will be.

Used with the permission of Luxor Steak & Lobster

When it comes to the community, Luxor Steak & Lobster already has a staff of approximately 25 employees and hiring so the public is encouraged to apply. There will be on-going applications for positions such as hosts/hostesses, greeters, bartenders, bussers, cleaners, chefs and more and previous experience may not be needed as training is also available for some positions. To apply you can simply stop by to get an application or apply on their Facebook page as well.

As far as the future, Luxor Steak & Lobster doesn't have any immediate plans for additional locations, but stated that they may expand the brand into banquet facilities and food trucks. Before wrapping up, I asked if they had any advice for others looking to get into the restaurant business; "It's intimidating but do it. If it's something you're passionate about and think about more than a couple of times, you got to just do it" Tara encouraged, Ru followed up by saying,  "It's always better to invest in something that you're into and have a strong commitment from who you partner with. You gotta have your business in order."

The grand opening is slated for this Friday April 2nd and attendees can expect to get a little taste of some of the things they'll have to offer ongoing. There will be music by provided by DJ Spin alongside Comedic relief and hosting by Buffalo's own Comedienne Reema Reem. There will be a ribbon cutting and expect for a lot of important people to be in the building. With over one-hundred reservations already, they're prepared and will help to keep the evening safe and enjoyable by following all COVID regulations pertaining to indoor dining.

You can learn more about Luxor Steak & Lobster and place a reservation on Facebook or on their website. Be sure to visit and follow their Instagram as well!

Used with the permission of Luxor Steak & Lobster
Used with the permission of Luxor Steak & Lobster



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