The iconic east side restaurant that had a terrible fire 2 years ago have made plans to reopen back on the east side close to its old location!

Darryl Harvin, the owner of the staple in the community East Ferry Street restaurant , was selected Tuesday by the Buffalo Urban Development Corp. to operate a full-service kitchen and café at the new Workforce Training Center at the Northland Corridor. Now check it out what I (Dj Wire) love about this is that, this was once the hottest spot to go to anytime of the day it was always packed so for someone at the Buffalo Urban Development Corp to actually notice that and reach out is amazing to me. Thats the east side love for you!

The new restaurant will occupy about 3,900 square feet at 683 Northland Ave., where it can serve up to 450 students, employees and staff of the training center, as well as diners from the surrounding neighborhood and elsewhere.

Gigi's will be in the northeast corner of the sprawling building, but will be accessible to the public either through the main lobby entrance.



according to the buffalo news

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