Only in Buffalo will you see a guy in a Santa hat, sitting on a skateboard riding down Bailey with his dogs pulling him. Check out the hilarious video!

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We can't make this stuff up. This is why I love Buffalo. A guy named Brandon Johnson has gone viral after a video of him speeding down the street with his dogs hit The Shade Room. His dogs, who wear antler headbands are his 'reindogs.' There are a few videos of him on his 'hood sleigh' (his skateboard), which is actually a very innovative idea (although probably not the safest mode of transportation). You can see Brandon riding around Buffalo on Bailey Avenue and Langfield Drive, gliding past the E District Police Station. You have to appreciate the finesse here!

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Some of the comments on The Shade Room's post are:

"Only in Buffalo I love my city" ~ @phenomenalrelle_mua

Bailey is full of potholes too. He’s bound to hit one of em but #buffalove " ~ @shaleek_avonti

"I hate it here smhhhhh soooo embarrassing " ~ @flight85_glam

"The hood is undefeated " ~ @shinobree

"LMFAOO THIS GOTTA BE BUFFALO 💀" ~ @fortune_nycole

"Bruh this WOULD be in Buffalo 😂😂😂" ~ @armanicaesar

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