An Indiana man who was stopped in a commercial vehicle check on the New York State Thruway has been arrested and charged with multiple felony charges, including possessing illegal weapons.

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WKBW is reporting that Zayne R. Coston pulled the tractor-trailer he was driving into the exit 49 inspection station for a commercial vehicle check on Monday. During that check, New York State Police officers say they had probable cause to search his truck, where they subsequently found multiple weapons inside.

Troopers reported that they found:

  • Four semi-automatic assault rifles, with one of them being loaded,
  • Four semi-automatic handguns, with three of those being loaded,
  • and 13 high-capacity magazines, with three of the mags being filled with bullets.

The 28-year-old man from Gary, Indiana was arrested and charged with a total of 21 counts including 5 counts of criminal possession of a weapon second degree, which is a felony. Additionally, after officers completed a further review of Mr. Coston's record, they also determined that he had a felony conviction from the state of Illinois.

Mr. Coston is due in court later this week and is currently being held in the Erie County Holding Center.

I don't want to speculate around the motives that cause anyone to do anything, but I don't know if I would be driving across the state with some of the toughest gun laws in the country with no less than 8 potentially illegal weapons...but that's just me though...

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