The Golden Snow Globe season has ended, and a city has been announced as the winner for the 2021-2022 Golden Snow Globe Award.

If you don’t know what the Golden Snow Globe Award is, it is a contest held in New York State to see which city had the most snowfall in that given season. 

Typically, the Golden Snow Globe Award has five main competitors, between Western New York, Upstate New York, and Central New York, including cities like Buffalo, Rochester, Binghamton, Syracuse, and Albany. 

Last year, the winning city for the Golden Snow Globe was Binghamton, but this year, there is a new champion.

Take a look at the snowfall totals below!

Patrick Hammer, chief meteorologist at WGRZ in Buffalo, broke the news that Buffalo won the award via Twitter on Friday morning.

“Buffalo, winner of the 2021-2022 Snow Globe award,” Hammer said. In his tweet, he called Buffalo the “Snowiest US city, (population over 100k).” 

Buffalo had the most snowfall for the season, with a total of 96 inches. Anchorage, Alaska was the next closest city with 89.3 inches. 

It’s crazy to think that we live in a city that has more snowfall than Anchorage, Alaska, a place known for its cold! 

Rochester placed third with 86 inches for the season, and Syracuse landed fifth with only 76 inches of snowfall.

You can see all the previous winners for the Golden Snow Globe Award by visiting their main website here.

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