A Buffalo Uber driver found a toddler wandering around at 2 am!!

The driver found the young boy wandering around near Main and West Utica, according to WIVB.

Credit: WIVB

Buffalo Police tried to locate the two-year-old's family for six hours! It wasn't until 8:30 am that the boy's grandfather woke up and realized the child was missing from his apartment in Bowen Manor. The child mother, who works overnight, left her three kids in the care of her father. Surveillance video shows the boy wandering out through the handicap doors at the apartment building, which is senior housing. He tried to get back in, but the doors wouldn't open.

"You know there's a difference between someone who goes to bed with the door wide open and falls asleep on the couch and wakes up and says "oh my god" and a person who has a child in their bedroom, door is locked and gets up in the middle of the night and decides to take a walk, so those are things we look at before we make a determination of whether charges should be placed,"

said Captain Rinaldo of the Buffalo Police Department.

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