It seems the process that started months ago to rename a street in Buffalo after the Black Lives Matter movement is finally coming to fruition.

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The Buffalo Common Council announced on Tuesday, October 13th, that it has selected Fillmore Avenue to be officially designated as Black Lives Matter Way in Buffalo.

Fillmore Avenue, between Main Street and Seneca Street, as “Black Lives Matter Way” in honor of the Black Lives Matter movement and the continued events that have happened in our country
-Buffalo Common Council

Many people have expressed interest in seeing Buffalo make a grand statement towards its support for the ideals of the Black Lives Matter movement. While some cities in the United States have painted the words on the actual roadway, few have officially renamed the street.

After a unanimous vote by the nine-member legislative body of Buffalo, the Council then decided it would have an unveiling ceremony in Dr. Martin Luther King Jr Park in Buffalo at a later date.

Fillmore Ave was originally named after Milliard Fillmore, the 13th President of the United States and a long-time Buffalo Resident. Mr. Fillmore is perhaps most infamously known for signing the Fugitive Slave Act of 1850 during his Presidency.

It was overwhelmingly Fillmore Avenue, especially as we look at sometimes controversial decisions that President Millard Fillmore made and at the end of the day this seemed like the right thing to do, at this location.
Darius G. Pridgen, Council President

The entire length of Fillmore Avenue will be given the designation, with prominent signage being erected at every major intersection along the 4.5-mile long road.

You can watch the entire Council meeting here on the City of Buffalo website.

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