It looks like Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue in New York City will be even easier to find, now that it has a bright yellow Black Lives Matter mural in front of it.

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Today (July 9), part of New York City's infamous Fifth Avenue, has been shut down to paint a big, bright yellow, Black Lives Matter mural, according to NBC News. The stretch, located between 56th and 57th streets, is right in front of Trump Tower. Donald Trump is not pleased with the mural, calling it a symbol of hate and saying it will bring down the prestige of Fifth Avenue.

It doesn't make sense to me to say 'Black Lives Matter' is a symbol of hate, when the whole premise is that Black people in the United States want to be seen as human and equal. But I guess I really don't expect much understanding from Trump, since his whole rhetoric is divisive and promotes hate.

"Here’s what you don’t understand: Black people BUILT 5th Ave and so much of this nation. Your 'luxury' came from THEIR labor, for which they have never been justly compensated. We are honoring them. The fact that you see it as denigrating your street is the definition of racism."

This mural will be the second to remind Trump about the Black Lives Matter Movement. In Washington, the Mayor, Muriel Bowser, approved a Black Lives Matter mural to be painted leading to the White House.

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