Students and former students are accusing Nardin Academy of racism on a new website called "Oppressed at Nardin."

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"Founded in 1857 by the Society of the Daughters of the Heart of Mary (DHM), Nardin Academy is a private, independent, Catholic academy with three unique schools: a co-ed Montessori, a co-ed elementary, and a college preparatory school for young women." ~ Nardin Academy

The website, "Oppressed at Nardin," has many different stories from students and former students sharing their experiences at the school. Some of the accusations include a parent of a student of Indian descent being told that she couldn't qualify for a scholarship because she was 'the wrong kind of minority.' Other claims of racism or discrimination, according to the website, include an African-American student being laughed at for her choices of colleges and being told that she shouldn't bother applying, because she wouldn't get in. The accusations come from students, who graduated in various years, with one comment coming from a student who was in the class of 2011. Parents also shared their stories on the website.

Nardin Academy President Marsha Sullivan told WIVB that the school is investigating the claims of racism. Based off of the comments on "Oppressed at Nardin," the racism, bias and micro-aggression were perpetuated by students, teachers, guidance counselors and administrators.

If the claims are true, it seems at though Nardin has a systemic problem with racism. While many conversations lately have focused on systematic racism in the criminal justice system, we also need to address it in education. Students of all races, religions, socio-economic backgrounds, ethnicities, etc., should have access to excellent education, in my opinion.

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