Governor Andrew Cuomo has said that graduations will be allowed in New York again, but there are restrictions.

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On Sunday (June 7), Governor Andrew Cuomo announced that graduations can resume in New York State, but there will be some limitations. Starting June 26, outdoor graduations with up to 150 people will be allowed, according to WGRZ. Socially distancing guidelines must be followed. Cuomo did state that the date could change, if there is a spike in positive cases.

"In terms of reopening, we have been calibrating our strategy based on the data and the facts, and overall the numbers are down, the numbers are good and our plan is working. Based on today's numbers we can continue to advance our reopening, and we will now allow outdoor graduations of up to 150 beginning June 26. New Yorkers have worked together to bend this curve quickly, and if we continue on this trajectory, remain responsible and follow all social distancing protocols, we can keep accelerating our reopening strategy." ~ New York State Governor, Andrew Cuomo, via WGRZ

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