I was talking with my son the other day about my very first job when I was in High School. I was a runner for Brand Names Sales, Inc. I know you remember that catalog store chain that had stores throughout the Buffalo area. I worked at the Main Street and Union Road stores all through High School.

That conversation got me taking a stroll down memory lane and thinking about all of the great stores we had in the Buffalo area that are no longer in business. From the large chains to the mom-and-pop shops that used to be sprinkled throughout our neighborhoods. From the days before you could just click a couple of buttons on your favorite app and have your items arrive in two days or less. You had to actually get up and walk through isles (or page through a catalog).

So where are 5 popular stores that used to be in Buffalo, and maybe would be nice if they came back:

Ames Department Stores

Originally founded in 1958, Ames had actually taken over my favorite store in the whole wide world to go into, Hills. I used to beg my mom to take me to Hills Ames on Delaware Ave. in North Buffalo. The Ames store was still standing until 2007 when it was torn down to make room for the Kohl's that now sits on the site.

Ames Department Stores Announces Closing
Mike Theiler / Getty Images

Everything Grant Street / Lifestyle Street Gear

For quite a few years Everything Grant Street was the go-to place for urban fashion in Buffalo. I spent many days on Grant Street going through the racks looking for the freshest outfit to wear to the IPE that week. I was talking with Chris Delprince, the owner of the streetwear store, the other day and we just reminisced about the good ole days in Buffalo.

Chris Delprince
Chris Delprince

KB Toys

Growing up in Massachusetts and then moving to Buffalo made sure I had a special relationship with KB Toys. The KB Toys headquarters store was in Pittsfield, MA. and my parents made sure we drove by it every time we took the ride from Boston to Buffalo, and back. Then once I found out there was a KB Toys inside of the Main Place Mall, it was then guaranteed I would be asking my mom to hop on the Metrorail to go to the mall.

KB Toys to Close 375 Stores
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Speaking of the Main Place Mall, if you couldn't find what you needed to wear at Everything Grant Street, you were guaranteed to find it in Jeanswest. I was able to buy the dopest stonewashed Damaged Gear jumper that anyone had ever seen from Jeanswest. So much of my paycheck was spent in that store it's not funny.

China Fashion Week Spring/Summer Collection 2009 - JeansWest Cup Casual Wear Design Contest
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It was guaranteed that I had a good day as a kid if I had been in Woolworths in downtown Buffalo on Main Street. I used to spend so much time roaming around the lower level of the store looking at all the knickknacks and trinkets. Then running up the escalator to the lunch counter to get some pizza or a sandwich. Those were the days.

Woolworths Hold Crisis Talks As Shares Are Suspended
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What are some stores from yesterday that give you good memories?

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