I can hear the excuse;

  • "I wasn't shooting at anyone"
  • "I would never try and murder anyone"
  • "I was just shooting in the air, trying to scare the person I was fighting"

I'm just speculating but the details in this news story sound like the shooter could probably have hit someone if they really wanted to but there were no injuries.  I could be dead wrong, as I've said this just my opinion.

The lesson learned for a commuter student at Buffalo State named Isiah Doyle, is that you can't go shooting your gun around trying to scare people, as I'm assuming he may have been doing since no one was hurt...but everything is alleged so that's just my opinion.   It would be surprising to me if this commuter student (according to news stories, he's from New York City) actually wanted to murder someone  ...but I also can't imagine anyone wanting that.

Regardless of the truth in this matter, the one great outcome is that no one was injured.

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