The Holidays are supposed to be about Family, Love, Togetherness, Christ, and Giving ... so how anyone gets angry enough to take another person's life away from them during the Holidays, at any time of the year, is outrageous.

Also, equally as outrageous is the community's reaction to the latest shootings in Buffalo as well as the prior one.  Do we see any action taking place among residents hoping to end the gun violence in Buffalo...yes, we do, but is it enough?

When will we get to a place in this City where citizens are so tired of the gun violence here that they stop waiting for some miracle, such that gun violence and death in the Black Community is just going to end on its own?  I say that because I've witnessed, just last week, Rochestarians come together as a Community in reaction to two local Rochester college students destroying a statue of Frederick Douglass.  Even in Rochester, the reaction to that was far greater than the reaction to a local killing.

Void of a collective effort to come together and fight against, protest against, and change the violent behavior in Buffalo, especially regarding gun is a link you can use to report anything you know or see.  Your feedback could save many lives.

Report a TIP Via Your Phone or Text Message using this number ... 716-847-2255.

or Report a Tip Online by using the button below:

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