Gun violence in Buffalo has been at the forefront of many conversations as of late between local leaders, community activists, and the local police department. It seems like everyone has an opinion on why it's happening or how it can be stopped, but when it comes to speaking up, there's rarely anyone talking unless the shooting involves someone they know and love.

It was just recently announced that a person can anonymously report a crime and receive up to $7500.00 which is much higher than it was in previous years, but yet, the violence continues. According to WIVB, John P. Feroleto is an Erie County district attorney. He's the head of the county's five-person "Tactical Precision", this unit was put in place a while ago to deal with county gun crimes, that do not make it to the homicide unit. Attorney Feroleto and Attorney John Flynn recently talked about how difficult it is to prosecute someone in a shooting case because the person that got shot, drove themselves to the hospital, and they never want to tell the police who shot them.

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If you take a look back from 2019 to 2020, the shootings in Buffalo have doubled from 153 to 300, and the number of people killed by firearms has increased from 37 to 47 over that same year. The violence has gotten worse in the first five months of 2021. like many people, I'm not sure of what the remedy for this problem is. I do know that there is a real need from people in the community to help end this problem.

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