There is no question that there has been a recent uptick in violence in our city. I think many residents that have lived here their whole lives would probably agree with the statement, this is the worst it has been in a long time. There has always been a "code of the streets" to not snitch on anyone and to mind your own business. But, the question I have is, does that rule still apply when there are young teenage girls and little children getting hit by stray bullets?

According to WIVB, there have been 39 homicides and 122 non-fatal shootings that have occurred in Buffalo so far in 2021. There will be a series of new billboards going up as part of the "Stop The Violence" campaign. The billboards will show people how they can provide tips and keep their identity a secret all while being rewarded for it.

So How Much Money Are They Talking?

If you anonymously report a crime you can be paid up to $7500.00 for a tip that leads to an arrest in a fatal shooting, other crimes include non-fatal shooting which can award you up to $5000.00, and if you report someone that is in possession of an illegal weapon, you can be awarded up to $1000.00.

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The program has $80,000.00 in funding from the county, anyone that sees something can report it to Crime Stoppers or use the Buffalo Tips app. I really hope that we can find a solution to some of the violence that is taking place here in Buffalo.

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