You may have heard of people complaining about the relatively new school zone speed cameras that the City of Buffalo has put in place over the past year.

The cameras are designed to catch speeders in school zones and those who go 26 mph or over will be billed a $50 ticket.

According to WGRZ, the City of Buffalo has made more than $1.5 million off the program. Now, there may be more trouble coming for the city as lawsuits are reportedly in the works against the City of Buffalo.

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Buffalo Common Councilman Rasheed Wyatt wants the city to get rid of the program altogether. Wyatt isn't happy about the signage around the speed zone cameras (lack thereof) and the camera placement, suggesting that it targets those with less means of income.

There is also complaints of different times cameras are on for different school districts.

“The school district requested for those cameras to be on all day and I approved it,” said Masten District Councilman Ulysees Wingo.

Those schools are Bennett, School 61 and Performing Arts.

However, that has left the city open for more criticism, which South District Councilman Christopher Scanlon says is something they have to consider.

"Having certain parts of the area with cameras being activated and other areas not, now we open ourselves up to major criticism," said Scanlon.

I drove through a school speed zone on Thursday afternoon and you definitely need to be paying attention to all the signs around you, because sometimes it's easy to miss.

You can read the full story at WGRZ.

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