It looks like we’re going to see some changes to the Speed Cameras that are placed in various School Zones in Buffalo

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According to reporting done by WKBW, it appears that the Buffalo Common Council and the Office of the Mayor have come to a compromise on how to amend the current time's speed cameras in school zones are active.

Back in February, the Buffalo Common Council voted to change some of the rules around when and how these speed cameras are used in the City of Buffalo. Those law changes were sent to the Mayor’s office to be signed. After waiting almost 8 months, the Mayor issued his first-ever veto to these changes.

Since then, there has been a lot of commotion in the City about whether these speed cameras are used in a fair and impartial manner.

The proposed compromise limits the time the cameras would be active, but it does not necessarily change the law surrounding the school zone speed limit.

In the compromise, the speed cameras would only be activated an hour before and after the school day begins, and an hour before and after students are dismissed.

This of course isn’t final yet since the Buffalo Common Council still needs to vote on this change, along with the Mayor singing any new law that is proposed.

The Common Council is holding a special hearing to decide this tomorrow, Tuesday, November 17th at 11 am.

You can watch the meeting live on the Common Council’s Facebook page.

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