Change is hard to digest for some people, that's why I think I got the responses I got from many people, when I asked the question on the air today, how do you feel about Buffalo having a new mayor? there were a few mixed responses. India Walton's surprising upset over incumbent Mayor Byron W. Brown who has held office for 15 years, four terms, has some Buffalo residents excited for the future and others cautiously optimistic.

Here's What I Mean

There are not many people that live in Buffalo that would want to see the first female mayor in Buffalo's history fell. The majority of the phone calls were positive in that sense. In my experience in Buffalo, residents here will support you until you prove that you can't be supported, and there is a very short fuse to that support. What India Walton has done proves that Buffalo is ready for change, and is looking forward to what the future holds for this city. I believe that there is a younger generation of leaders that are poised to do great things in Buffalo and the older generation of people are the ones that are "cautiously optimistic".

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India Walton ran this race with speed and conviction and my opinion, and the idea that there is a need for better government to tackle the current issues that are happening in Buffalo. Residents here believe in her, and to be honest, I think a lot of people probably didn't take her seriously, until they woke up and seen those election results.

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