Buffalo Public Schools has launched a new program to give prizes to students to help encourage attendance. Do you think this is a good idea or should kids do what they're suppose to without being rewarded? Listen and vote!

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Buffalo Public Schools have a new initiative program, that they hope will help boost attendance, according to WGRZ! The programs works by giving students points for attending class, so the more they go to school, the more points they earn. Then the school will have lotteries throughout the semester.

WGRZ states, "The more points they earn the more entries they'll have in lotteries throughout the semester. For example, elementary students who attend school 95 percent of the time get one entry. But, elementary students who attend school 100 percent of the time get seven entries. There will be four lotteries by the end of the semester and the winners get prizes." The prizes are being paid for using $30,000 from Mayor Brown's budget, according to WGRZ.


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