Like many parents in Buffalo, I received the phone call this morning about issues logging in to receive the lesson for the start of class. According to WIVB, hundreds of parents line up at the Buffalo Public Schools Center for Innovation, Technology, and Training on Southpark ave.

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The parents complained of problems that ranged from their kids not able to log on, also not able to raise their hands to ask questions. According to WIVB, Margaret  Marshall said,

This is ridiculous that Buffalo Public Schools are giving us today! This is a unhappy line.

According to WIVB, the line got so long with frustrated parents that the Buffalo Police had to help with traffic control. Although the district did tell many of the parents to just power their device on and off, that did not fix the problem for quite a few students.

According to WIVB, a district representative said that parents should first call the technology help hotline before coming out to the building. The Tech phone number for Buffalo Public is 716-816-7100. I have spoken with some parents that had has some better luck than me regarding this issue, my advice for parents is to try to stay patient, and let your children know that these issues will past.

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