According to TheChallengerNews, the University at Buffalo Graduate School of Education cancelled all classes and activities temporary, but in its place, the school put together a mandatory two-day class, on a topic that has been in the forefront of everyone's mind as of late. The murders of black people in the United States.

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According to TheChallengerNews "Make Good Trouble Now": Teach-in for Racial Equality was a two-day virtual event held Sept. 3rd and 4th. The event was created to educate faculty, staff and students on the cause and effects of racial injustice and systemic racism.

The discussion was inspired by recent killings of unarmed black men in America. According to TheChallengerNews, Suzanne Rosenblith says,

The Graduate School of Education recognizes that it can't make good on its mission or vision or on it's commitment to equality, diversity, justice and inclusion, without ensuring that all staff, faculty and students had a more fundamental understanding of what the systematic violence against black people and the role education plays in perpetuating systems of oppression.

In my opinion, more Universities should make this part of the regular curriculum in the school system. This is a great way to bring more awareness to what's going on in the world today. Students, staff, and faculty would greatly benefit from being more educated on the root of where the issues stem from.

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