A Buffalo man, who was doing a television interview at a protest with his hands up, was tackled by police. I had a chance to speak with CAIR-NY Litigation Director Ahmed Mohamed about the incident.

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Credit: WIVB

Myles Carter, a father, business owner and community activist, was conducting an interview with WIVB on Monday night (June 1), when he was tackled by police. In the video, you can see that Myles' hands are up, with his back towards the line of officers. According to CAIR-NY Litigation Director Ahmed Mohamed in the interview about, Myles was charged with two crimes, disorderly conduct and interfering with governmental administration in the second degree.

You can help support Myles and other peaceful protesters by donating through Launch Good.

"Every dollar raised over 10,000 will go to (1) legal fees for eligible individuals in our community (2) social justice advocacy and (3) facilitating know your rights trainings for the inner city." ~ Launch Good

CAIR-NY has released a statement about the incident:

"Protesters have a fundamental right to protest against abusive police practices. It is unacceptable for law enforcement to respond to peaceful protests with aggressive tactics and excessive use of force. Miles Carter was conducting a media interview with his hands in the air and his back turned away from the police when he was viciously grabbed, slammed to the ground by the officers, and unlawful arrested. Mr. Carter’s courage to speak out is indicative of his commitment to his community and justice. CAIR-NY stands in solidarity with Mr. Carter and protesters demanding that police stop using excessive force against unarmed Black community members.” ~ Via a press release emailed to me

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