It looks like the increased efforts of the Buffalo Police Department are helping the clamp down on the illegal use of all-terrain vehicles and dirt bikes in the City of Buffalo.

According to a news report by WGRZ-TV, officers have recently seized more than 30 of these vehicles and made numerous arrests of people using these vehicles in a manner that is against state and local laws.

Authorities from the Buffalo Police Department announced they have been partnering with the New York State Police and made use of a State Police helicopter to track riders throughout the city.

You cannot outrun a police radio, a video surveillance camera or a helicopter. You just can’t do it...
-Jeffrey Rinaldo, Captain with the Buffalo Police Department

Earlier this year the Buffalo Common Council passed a new law that increased penalties for illegally using all-terrain vehicles in the City of Buffalo. In addition to having the ATV seized by police officials, those found guilty of using them illegally are subject to a $2,500 fine.

There are even more changes coming for ATV riders, for both legal and illegal, due to the fact that New York State has passed a new law that will ban all off-road vehicles that use a gasoline engine by the year 2035.

Police officials said that operations like the one that occurred recently will continue throughout the summer and these increased efforts are due to the fact that they have received an unprecedented amount of complaints about illegal ATVs and dirt bike use in the city.

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