Last summer there was an epidemic of illegal ATV use on City of Buffalo Streets and the City Council is seeking ways to prevent that from happening again this summer.

According to reporting by WKBW, two members of the Buffalo Common Council have introduced new a bill that would increase the penalties for those that use All-Terrain Vehicles illegally within the city limits.

Councilmember Bryan Bollman, who represents the Lovejoy District, and Councilmember Mitch Nowakowski, who represents the Fillmore District, have asked the Common Council to consider amending Chapter 309 of the Buffalo City Charter. The changes, if approved by the council and signed by the Mayor, would specifically say that ATVs are not allowed to be used on city streets or in public parks. The amendment would also increase the penalties for illegally using an All-Terrain Vehicle. Those found guilty would be subject to a $2,500 fine and the ATV would be seized by authorities.

These ordinance amendments help law enforcement to appropriate illegal ATV’s and put requirements on their retrieval so they do not constantly wreak havoc on our streets... As legislators it is our job to make sure that the residents of this city are safe, and I believe this legislation is a huge step in the fight against illegal ATV operation
-Common Council Member Mitch Nowakowski, speaking to WKBW

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I definitely think this is a problem that needs to be dealt with in Buffalo. I remember seeing plenty of people stunting for the gram who subsequently crashed their ATVs. While I think something should be done, I don't know how I feel about private property being seized by the City. There are all kinds of issues surrounding Due Process when the government talked about taking private property from citizens.

The Councilmembers plan to host a press conference next week to go into more details regarding their amendment. I sure the community will have lots of questions about this.

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