Buffalo Police Dispatcher Suspended For Calling Protesters 'Rabid Animals' Who Officers Should 'Shoot to Kill'

Buffalo Police Commissioner Byron Lockwood immediately suspended a 'civilian' Buffalo Police Department employee for a personal FB Post which is described in a WGRZ News report regarding the entire incident, as inflammatory.

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The post is so inappropriate that we will not post it within this post.  There is a link provided below if you'd like to view the comment.

It's sad that a couple of individuals have landed Buffalo, NY in the National News in a negative light.  We all know that the incident with the Dispatcher as well as the incident involving the police pushing an elderly man down to the ground, who was peacefully protesting, is not indicative of 'The City of Good Neighbors'...Buffalo, NY

President Donald Trump also tweeted about the man being pushed down by the police and received much criticism for his comment.


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