I actually wrote this blog days ago but did not post it in lieu of further information...but there has been no further information.  Hmmmmm.

The headline relative to this News story is somewhat Theatrical and Movie-Like.  A Parole Officer shoots a Suspect and then that suspect jumps in a van and drives 5 miles away from where the incident took place before being apprehended.  I tend to think beyond the surface regarding most things and this situation warranted some thought beyond simply hearing the headlines.  Most time we hear News stories and wait for the Media to fill in the blanks...or not.  So with regard to this event,  it made me THINK!  What could have happened such that a parole officer would shoot someone in the leg in the first place.  And how the suspect was able to make it 5 miles away without the people at the original scene following him, and with then help of police, stopping him much closer than 5 miles away.  According to News Reports, the 'suspect' was taken into custody.

Notice the word 'suspect'...which leads me to believe it was not the parolee, otherwise they'd say his / her name and say it was the parolee who was shot and fled...I'm thinking...maybe?  Well, there should be an interesting eventual conclusion to this entire mystery.  Until then, here's what's known right now...watch the News Story.


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