Mayor Byron W. Brown announced that parking restrictions are back in place in Buffalo. Winter parking rules on bus routes went into effect at 1:30 am today, November 15, 2021, and will remain in place until April 1, 2022. The regulations are in place daily from 1:30 am to 7 am. The City of Buffalo has also put side street parking regulations back in place. Side street parking had been suspended on residential streets for people who were working from home. Now, the 9 am to 4 pm side street parking rules are in effect.

In a media release I received, Mayor Byron Brown, who was just recently re-elected as a write-in candidate said,

“Although this fall has been unseasonably warm, we all know Buffalo weather can switch to winter conditions overnight. Also, as Buffalo’s recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic continues and most residents are no longer working from home and students are back in the classroom, my Administration is reinstating 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. parking regulations on residential side streets. I urge residents to follow the posted regulations.”

Michael J. Finn, P.E., City of Buffalo Commissioner of Public Works, Parks & Streets, said that the regulations help the city keep roads clear of snow. If you are still working from home, since Western New York's COVID-19 positivity rate is 8.04 percent, you'll have to find other parking options. I expect that the City of Buffalo will collect lots of ticket fees from side street parking being put back in place. You can see the list of parking fees in Buffalo below.

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Buffalo Parking Violations & Fees

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