Parking Tickets

2 Reasons Why India Walton’s Car Probably Got Towed
Buffalo mayoral candidate India Walton has over $600 in unpaid parking tickets including an expired inspection sticker. India Walton could become the first woman mayor of Buffalo, New York and the first socialist mayor in the United States in decades
Concert Parking Ticket Woes?
As GREAT and SUCCESSFUL as the Soul Food Festival was on Saturday, June 28 in Lasalle Park...with no reported incidents...some people are complaining and have concerns regarding being given permission to park in certain areas by law enforcement, only to find their cars either ticketed or towed following the event.
Man Saws Down A Meter Over A Parking Ticket
Have you ever gotten a parking ticket that you didnt deserve ? Me either... In Brooklyn, NY, there is always a YouTuber around when some craziness is going down. A meter maid was writing a ticket to two men whose vehicle was parked at an expired meter, so one of the men produced a power saw and went to sawing the meter down...