I heard about a section on Craigslist called "Missed Connections", which supposedly had some pretty nice, thoughtful and sometimes innocently intimate messages from persons looking for someone they met and didn't know, but wished they would have connected with them.

I thought it was sweet and very interesting, and I've chosen a Missed Connection to feature. If this catches on, I'll continue to do this with a twist!

The Twist:

I will continue to search for some cool Missed Connections via Craigslist, but I thought it might be cool to post some from our WBLK listeners as well. With that said, if you've been in a situation where you met someone and missed thanking them, saying hello or telling them something you wish you had told them, you can e-mail me what you'd like to say to that person, including your contact info, which only I will see, and I'll do your story and provide your Missed Connection subject with an e-mail address so they can respond.

So if you have a message foe someone, write the message and e-mail it to todd.anderson@townsquaremedia.com! Include your contact info. I will read over everything I get and decide, which messages to post. Good luck!

Now for today's MISSED CONNECTION...

Here's a message that seemed very sincere and sweet!  If you are the Missed Connection Subject this young lady is looking for, there's a link provided at the end that you can use to connect with your admirer!


To the security guard at Millard Filmore Sub Hospital

Yesterday I was going to visit my mom and didn't know where to go so I stopped by the desk.. You were extremely handsome and helpful. I think you could tell I was nervous but we went back and forth with a little bit of sarcasm.. I just wanted you to know you made me smile when I was really stressed about my mom.. Thanks. It didn't hurt that you are really attractive too. I didn't look to see if you had a wedding ring, not like it would've mattered because I don't usually make the first move. You weren't there when I left but again, thanks for your kindness! If you were interested too, I would like to get to know you better!
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