Mayor Byron Brown announces immediate action steps in City of Buffalo to address police reform.

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Mayor Brown announced the following the immediate reforms during the live press conference:
-Publishing how people can access police camera footage
-Prominently place BPD use of force policy on webpages
-Incorporate law enforcement assisted program of LEAD Program
-Buffalo police will receive more training
-Special commission to examine current procedures to shift policing model to restorative approach
-Executive order to stop arrests for low-level offenses, restructure fines and fees and replace emergency response team's crowd control duties.
-Shift policing to restorative model in Buffalo

Mayor Brown said he is pleased with the police reforms that the New York State Senate and Assembly passed this week, via his live televised press conference on WIVB. He was joined by the Buffalo Common Council president and Bishop of True Bethel Baptist Church, Darius Pridgen. Common Council member Ulysses Wingo was also present. NFL players Demario Davis from the New Orleans Saints and Josh Norman of the Buffalo Bills also spoke.


The Mayor thanked the people who helped make the reforms happen. The Mayor said the moment that we are at now is a time for real action. Free the People WNY Coalition worked with the Mayor to help make the reforms happen in the City of Buffalo. Free the People said that Mayor Brown has committed to meeting with them 10 times annual. Some of the initiative Free the People WNY Coalition said they are working towards are fair fines and fees, New York incentive for children of incarcerated parents and police accountability, via the televised press conference on June 10. The goal is to protect people of color and low-income families.

Mayor Brown said he has met with Free the People WNY Coalition and other community groups for many hours. Danielle Johnson, co-chair of the Buffalo Police Advisory Board also spoke about meeting with Mayor Brown. Johnson said it is critical that we have transparency, especially when it comes to policing. Mercedes Overstreet from Free the People WNY Coalition spoke about how detrimental these issues are to the youth in Buffalo.

My perspective: I am pleased that our Mayor is working with community groups and other elected officials to make much-needed changes. Policing needs to change. I believe this is a great start to making that change. This cannot be the end, there's still more work to do!

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